Regulated Rate (RRO)

All Members are on a regulated rate (RRO).

Rocky Rural Power administers the RRO service on behalf of Rocky REA Wires Division.

May 2018

Rocky REA’s Calculated Normal Monthly Rate  5.75  cents
Calculated Subsidy Rate from the Province   (0.00) cents
Billing Rate as per Market Surveillance Administrator 5.75  cents


Rocky REA Historical RRO Rates

April 2018

Rocky REA’s Calculated Normal Monthly Rate  9.69  cents
Calculated Subsidy Rate from the Province   (2.23) cents
Billing Rate as per Market Surveillance Administrator 7.46  cents


March 2018 $0.0680
February 2018 $0.0680
January 2018 $0.0680
December 2017 $0.0680
November 2017 $0.0680
October 2017 $0.0680
September 2017 $0.0680
August 2017 $0.0680
July 2017 $0.0680
June 2017 $0.0680
May 2017 $0.0510


Other Retailers

Members & customers are free to select a retailer of their choice. For more information and for a list of licensed Alberta retailers, visit their website, or you can call toll free in Alberta 310-4822.

Electricity delivery isn’t affected by your choice of retailer: Rocky REA Wires Division will continue to be your wire service provider (the builder and maintainer of your physical line).

Energy Option

The Province of Alberta deregulated energy. This means Rocky REA will remain your wire service provider but you do have a choice in who supplies you with your energy.

You can check out your options with the retail market: for further information, visit Utilities Consumer Advocate's website.

If you would like to sign up with Rocky Rural Power please call 310-POWR (7697). Please have your legal land description, site ID, and personal information available.

Market Surveillance Administrator

The Market Surveillance Administrator (MSA) is an independent body created under the Electric Utilities Act to help ensure the fair, efficient and openly competitive operation of Alberta's electricity markets. The Code of Conduct Regulation governs aspects of the retail electricity market, including the conduct of owners of electric distribution systems and affiliated retailers.

Any person who feels that a contravention of this Regulation has occurred may submit a complaint to the MSA, by following the process set out in section 51 of the Act. Copies of this Act and Regulation may be obtained through the Queen's Printer Alberta. The MSA can be reached by telephone at (403) 705-3181. For additional information with regard to the MSA, please visit their website.

Utilities Consumer Advocate

You have options!

For information about the electric industry and your choices when choosing a retailer, visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) at their website, or call toll free 310-4822.

Retailers registered within Rocky REA include Rocky Rural Power, Alta Gas, and Epcor Energy.